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Blossoms of hope

Losing myself in the muddle of life and navigating blindly through a wind-beaten wood was the only path to finding myself again. Whilst stumbling over unearthed roots and clutching at spindly, gnarled branches, I raised my chin and looked to the sky. The crescent moon smiled down at me, beaming with pride and the dancing stars sprinkled their kindness, gentle kisses in the sapphire darkness. Anorexic branches now appeared fruitful, overflowing with blossoms of hope and the callous debris softened and parted to become stepping stones inviting me into the unknown. 



Street dogs’ tail- a happy ending.¬†

I help rescue and look after street dogs in Thailand and I work with the wonderful Pic-a-pet4home in Bangkok to arrange adoptions. Throughout the 8 months that I have volunteered with the dogs, particularly in Bangkok, I have experienced immense joy and also utter sadness. I would like to share with you one of the happier stories about a doggie called Smartie (poodle), who I had a particular bond with, and his little friend, Palin. I hope it will inspire you to donate towards helping street dogs, particularly those in Thai shelters or/and to adopt (please get in touch); you don’t need to shop for a dog- there are plenty already looking for good homes, puppies and pedigrees included! I feel so happy to have met these gorgeous, gentle spirited doggies and to share in their journey to a happy life. I just wish there were more happy stories like this… but with more help, there can be. I hope you feel all warm inside after you’ve read Smartie and Palin’s story… 

Smartie was abandoned at a shelter in Bangkok by his owners. He’s only about one and a half years old. Unfortunately, his little friend didn’t make it through life at the shelter and joined his siblings at the rainbow bridge already.
Palin with friends at the shelter before she was rescued by Pic-a-pet4home. Donations can give these other dogs the chance of a better future too.
Smartie at her temporary loving home – Pic-a-pet4home. We have many dogs, puppies, cats and kittens looking for good homes .
Bye Bye Smartie! My last cuddle before Smartie was put in the car with Palin and embarked on the long jouney to LA – with the hope of a better future!
Smartie and Palin are both ADOPTED together by a man and his daughter in LA, Calafornia! They live with an elderly dog and a cat, who are said to be very welcoming! I’m over the moon and I have a good freling that this will be there happily ever after!

“I’m in love with you,” he whispered.

I captured this delicate moment of time on a road trip to Pai on my very dated iPhone 5. The blurred background makes me aware of our ever busy lives, and encourages me to stop more often to silently watch and listen to the world. In doing so, we can remind ourselves that we share our world and for just one moment forget our anxieties and fears, and become overwhelmed with appreciation for the wonders of the world and the creatures that we share it with.
I captured this delicate moment of time on a road trip to Pai on my very dated iPhone 5.
I think every once in a while we all need to be reminded to stop, listen and watch. By being more present we can replace our current anxieties and fears with an appreciation for the wonders of the world and the amazing creatures that we share it with.


Her tanned satchel taps her hip and he notices the fuchsia flowers dancing behind her on her delicate, silk scarf, teased by the playful, carefree breeze, as she lightly jogs towards the bus stop.

– Angelica Cosgrove

Love is peaceful, love is calm.

The fluttering, fragmented feelings began to settle in her chest as she gazed at the golden, gleaming moon through her open window. The cool night’s air stroked her soft skin and she thought of only him.

-Angelica Cosgrove


Finding peace in true love

The sun that burned brightly inside of her, warmed her restless soul as his lips touched her forehead and reminded her to breathe…

– Angelica Cosgrove

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