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Unicorns and spells…¬†

Sometimes, our souls crave the chance to wander free and to escape normality. Allow your mind to dream and to believe in the extraordinary; sprinkle that touch of magic over your reality, if only for a few minutes. It’s not madness; it’s necessary and healthy. 



Delta Waves

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep – even if it’s the first in a year! Last night I listened to delta waves sleep music and oh my, did I sleep peacefully and deeply. I¬†hopped out of bed this morning¬†with an actual gleeful¬†yelp, and felt, I ¬†imagine, like how a lop-eared bunny midair binky feels; on top of the world. Anything is possible after a good night’s sleep!¬†If you have trouble sleeping, I really suggest trying out this 8 hour delta wave sleep music by Yellow Brick Cinema… mmm. Sweet dreams my friends.

Love is peaceful, love is calm.

The fluttering, fragmented feelings began to settle in her chest as she gazed at the golden, gleaming moon through her open window. The cool night’s air stroked her soft skin and she thought of only him.

-Angelica Cosgrove


Use your head to live with heart…


I’ve set the mood with my patchouli and vetivert candle, a birthday treat from my arty, admirably meticulous friend Ella, who sees beauty in all things simple yet quirky. A writing session wouldn’t be complete without my Yogi stress relief tea… I absolutely LOVE the inspirational quotes on the tea bag tag… “Use your head to live with heart” is today’s… very fitting! Then my porridge, accompanied with hemp, chia and flax seed… #brainfood. To top it off I have a beautiful view of Chao Phraya river and an ornate temple… (pity about the ginormous Four Season’s building site.. but ah well.. I have my candle!) It’s time to start writing.

Nature frees her soul…

Barefoot with a heavy heart, she steps lightly through the open meadow, feeling comforted as the light bristles of sweet-vernal grass stroke her bare ankles. Absent-mindedly, she notices soft lilac and lemon petals, ox-eye daisies, childhood-friendly buttercups and wild dandelions, gently swaying in the soft, caressing breeze, so delicate, yet proud, standing tall on their thin stalks. Looking up at the sky, through the heavy, twisted branches of an oak, she blinks into the dappled light and knows to trust the Universe to consume her restless soul. Calmness envelops her mind in a deep embrace and as her last salty, bitter tear slowly slides down her sunken cheek, she finally allows her spirit to spread its cramped wings and to ride on the waves of the breeze.

– Angelica Cosgrove

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