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Party PandaĀ 

My favourite ride in Thailand.

 Hidden away, down the confusing aisles in Asiatique market (Charoen Krung, Bangkok) is this little, magical den where my friend and funky hair-styled dog sit surrounded by feathers, creating dreamcatchers of all colours, shapes and sizes. I can only find him sometimes, so whenever I do, I see it as a sign and choose a dreamcatcher! Ask sweetly and he will make you one to order… but you have to find him first and pet his dog! šŸ˜‰ 

The Blue Elephant; veggie delight!Ā 

  Following on from my veggie rant yesterday, I had the most delicious meal at The Blue Elephant, Sathorn, Bangkok with my friends and family who are visiting me in Bangkok. I had sweet potatoe and roasted chestnut veggie yellow curry! Mm! I love how beautiful and authentic the restaurant is. We had our own private room and the longest table you have ever seen; it felt like we were celebrating Christmas!   A restaurant definitely worth a visit if you are in Bangkok. I hear that there is one in London too!  



Sunshine and happinessĀ 

Good morning Bangkok! The calm after the storm.

Use your head to live with heart…


I’ve set the mood with my patchouli and vetivert candle, a birthday treat from my arty, admirably meticulous friend Ella, who sees beauty in all things simple yet quirky. A writing session wouldn’t be complete without my Yogi stress relief tea… I absolutely LOVE the inspirational quotes on the tea bag tag… “Use your head to live with heart” is today’s… very fitting! Then my porridge, accompanied with hemp, chia and flax seed… #brainfood. To top it off I have a beautiful view of Chao Phraya river and an ornate temple… (pity about the ginormous Four Season’s building site.. but ah well.. I have my candle!) It’s time to start writing.

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