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I love taking images that inspire my writing.

Party PandaĀ 

My favourite ride in Thailand.

Vietnamese curlsĀ 


Secrets at SunsetĀ 

The magnificent sun silently sets and rises every day; an ordinary miracle, often missed. I feel blessed to be in such a beautiful part of the world, experiencing sunsets like this one, which is serving as a wake up call. How do I miss this beauty almost every day? What else tiptoes past me unnoticed? Descending into the horizon, the wise Sun whispers stories to me of more intricate secrets found in the mundane; the sweet melody of the first robin’s song, the delicacy of a decaying leaf, frost balancing on my windowpane and the calming padding of a kitten’s paws. We will notice natural beauty, but often, only if we care to. By taking the time to appreciate and reflect on its small wonders, we can feel a deep connection to the world and a craving to protect it. This is my Sunset’s story.  



To me, adoptionĀ means closing my eyes and listening to the silence, without feeling alone. – Herbie from ‘Street Cat Diaries.’

Always travel safely, bravely and in pairs.Ā 

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations,” whispered one street dog to his uncertain friend.   

“I’m in love with you,” he whispered.

I captured this delicate moment of time on a road trip to Pai on my very dated iPhone 5. The blurred background makes me aware of our ever busy lives, and encourages me to stop more often to silently watch and listen to the world. In doing so, we can remind ourselves that we share our world and for just one moment forget our anxieties and fears, and become overwhelmed with appreciation for the wonders of the world and the creatures that we share it with.
I captured this delicate moment of time on a road trip to Pai on my very dated iPhone 5.
I think every once in a while we all need to be reminded to stop, listen and watch. By being more present we can replace our current anxieties and fears with an appreciation for the wonders of the world and the amazing creatures that we share it with.

Dare to live…

When that door opens for you, feel the breeze and take the step…  

           – Angelica Cosgrove 

Sunshine and happinessĀ 

Good morning Bangkok! The calm after the storm.

Travel wide, travel togetherĀ 

This family in Lad Prao found us ‘farangs’ especially intriguing as we filled some bowls up with water for some street dogs. I would have loved to have known their story but the language barrier limited us to smiles, nervous giggles, and a peace sign. I love this photo; the middle lady looks like sunshine and can you spot the baby?! 

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