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Hi everyone, I’m trying to do my bit to help the stray animals in Bangkok. Please take a look at my Just Giving page and support me in any way possible to improve the lives of 23 street kitty cats from my village. Your donations and support will be much appreciated. This is the beginning of a long journey but I’m feeling positive! Thank you! Angelica




Pigs love the beach too!

A pig, a cow, a dog, a horse, a human… suffering is all the same, it’s whether we have empathy or not which makes the difference. The lack of respect. The disregard for another’s wellbeing and sufferings. The waste from this industry. This is NOT acceptable and shouldn’t happen to any species, whether intelligent as a pig or not. Let’s stop hiding behind our busy lives and find our innate humanity and love. Then let’s take a stand together and change the way we treat others. Thank you to everyone that has and will sign this petition. Compassionate humanity will change the world together. 🤝🐷💜
On a lighter note, because it is Friday, here’s a picture of the piggies in the Bahamas enjoying the salty sea, sun and fresh air because pigs love the beach too, just like you!

Time and green space v. baby in Bangkok

Wow, having a child makes it virtually impossible to write. I feel like it’s a miracle that I’ve managed to get my munchkin home, narrowly missing a thunderstorm and down asleep without too much of a fuss (in her cot for once, dare I say) and I’m now typing…I’m actually making words with my keyboard, even sentences – it’s only taken eight months! In fact, I’m even eating homemade lemon sponge cake and sipping tea. Typing, homemade cake, tea and a sleeping baby… plus it’s only half past three. I feel quite smug with myself. The ‘A’ on my mug is screaming ‘AMAZING’ at me. Even my one-eyed cat looks impressed. That doesn’t normally happen. The problem is, I’ve made it this far, but two slices of cake down and I’m still not sure what to write about…

Tom was given this very thoughtful gift from one of his students- a set of herbal teas from Sri Lanka. Each tea bag comes beautifully presented inside a cardboard square-based pyramid and on each pyramid there is a lovely poetic sentence. As I sit here, sipping my tea and pondering what to write about, I’m fiddling with the box my tea bag came in.  We both treasure the few seconds each day when we can read the sentence and enjoy the first few sips of our freshly brewed and often exotic tasting tea. Today, it’s calming camomile and refreshing lemongrass…’The soft breeze caressed her face, leaving a smile on her lips as she walked through the garden….’ See, I said they were lovely.

I mindfully appreciated the few seconds I had to read that sentence before the baby monitor interrupted the peace and  I had to rescue my little one from her scary cot. She’s now cradled in my arms, face soft with innocence, whilst I type one-handed. I linger over each word on the tea box again as I’m transported to this garden. 

It’s hard to find gardens in Bangkok. I long for flora, birds and grass,as does every other mother I know living in this concrete jungle. (How many times have I heard Bangkok described as this, yet forgive me, I’m too tired to think up something original!) A little place to sit with my baby, to read a book, natter with a friend, drink tea! Today my friend delivered just this and took us to a very special place in Udom Suk, The 66 Cottage. A quick turn from the BTS down a side street, leaving the smoky traffic behind us and a secret garden was waiting! Teeny birds tweeted around us whilst we sat out, shaded under the sunny sky, surrounded by nature and cool under fans. Baby AJ lay on the decking babbling to herself, playing with the umbrella and dripping water from her cup on to herself for added refreshment. We chatted, our spirits calmed by the companionship, the nature, the soothing fountain. The staff were very pleasant, despite, as often is the case, parading baby AJ into the kitchen to meet the chefs… “Er, can I have my baby back now please?” It seems like it’s the spot for babies in fact, as we met two other little munchkins. Sensible parents sat them inside in the aircon. The salmon on toast was fab and even came with olives. Oh and the cake was delicious too. Half the price of similar cafes in Central Bangkok and even boasting a lawn. We will definitely be returning and I will remember to bring a blanket so AJ can sit on the lawn with her toys. I also want to try the delights from the No.66 Juice Bar and I even spied a natural soap shop!

Turns out that I did have something to write about. I guess living in Bangkok, with an eight month old baby, there’s always something to write about. If only there were more hours in the day to sit and sip tea! 


Setting sail

I had my first child this year. A daughter called Autumn. She’s magical. She’s wonder, beauty, compassion and love all mixed together into a bundle of joy. Thinking back to before Autumn was with us, before she was thought of, I realise she was always there, she was always destined to join us. She waited for her moment and here she is, gazing up at me with innocence and intrigue, cradled by arms that cradled her before when growing inside me. My life has now changed. At first, I clung to the ship like any new mother. The first days, weeks, months sail quickly by, a tornado of angst and overwhelming love. I try to grasp onto fragments of my familiar life as they fly from the deck until one day, and that day is today, I notice the storm is clearing, the ship glides and I feel calm. A wave of serenity washes over me as I recognise that striving to be Super Mum will only serve as a fruitless journey. Our life, Autumn, will be far more fulfilling, filled with messy laundry piles and hours of cuddles. My love for you will be raw and unconditional. Our unique journey doesn’t have to be perfect because perfection has already been created in you.

My sweet Bourgea

Throughout history, trees have developed a deep and sacred relationship with people. They have played significant roles in many mythological and religious beliefs, as well as cultural traditions, such as The Tree of Life, The Banyan tree in Hinduism, The Tree of Knowledge of Judaism and Christianity and the Bodhi tree of Buddhism. Living in Thailand, I am accustomed to seeing trees adorned with colourful ribbons, wrapped around their trunks. Many Thai people believe that trees, often the old and large ones, are home to spirits and so to keep the spirit calm and happy they deck the tree with ribbons and leave offerings at its roots. 

Tree believed to house a Spirit, on the pavement beside Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok.

It comes as no surprise to me then that when Tom and I chose a gorgeous Bourgainvillea for our garden from our local nursery, I immediately had a sense that she was special. Different to a spirit actually living in our plant, I believe our beautiful plant has her own innate spirit. The man who worked at the nursery, carried her down the stairs towards us, her blooms cheerfully bouncing up and down at every step and as ‘crazy’ as it may sound for thinking this, she just looked so happy to be coming home with us! Mother Nature certainly works her magic on me. 

Once home, awaiting my Bourgea’s arrival, I felt an overwhelming urge to prepare our wild and unruly garden for her. A little like an anxious host awaiting guests, I hacked at overgrown palm leaves, climbed terraces to reach spindly, unleafed branches and shuffled snail-laden pots around…with my six month pregnant tummy! Tom looked on at me like I was a mad woman. (He did of course help though!) 

Finally, my beautiful plant has a garden that is fit for her and she is now settled in perfectly just beside the patio door. Here I can admire her whilst sat in the lounge, finally having a well deserved rest! Dylan, my one eyed, rescued street cat, set straight to making her acquaintance, and even though he was a little rough at times (hanging off her branch), I have a funny feeling that my sweet Bourgea didn’t mind. 

Dylan meeting my sweet Bourgea for the first time.

Party Panda 

My favourite ride in Thailand.

Secrets at Sunset 

The magnificent sun silently sets and rises every day; an ordinary miracle, often missed. I feel blessed to be in such a beautiful part of the world, experiencing sunsets like this one, which is serving as a wake up call. How do I miss this beauty almost every day? What else tiptoes past me unnoticed? Descending into the horizon, the wise Sun whispers stories to me of more intricate secrets found in the mundane; the sweet melody of the first robin’s song, the delicacy of a decaying leaf, frost balancing on my windowpane and the calming padding of a kitten’s paws. We will notice natural beauty, but often, only if we care to. By taking the time to appreciate and reflect on its small wonders, we can feel a deep connection to the world and a craving to protect it. This is my Sunset’s story.  


Happy Loy Krathong!

 Here are my class’s pretty bread and flower Krathong! #ecofriendly #fishfood  

 Hidden away, down the confusing aisles in Asiatique market (Charoen Krung, Bangkok) is this little, magical den where my friend and funky hair-styled dog sit surrounded by feathers, creating dreamcatchers of all colours, shapes and sizes. I can only find him sometimes, so whenever I do, I see it as a sign and choose a dreamcatcher! Ask sweetly and he will make you one to order… but you have to find him first and pet his dog! 😉 

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