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My own writing inspired from my soul, nature and observations of life.

Blossoms of hope

Losing myself in the muddle of life and navigating blindly through a wind-beaten wood was the only path to finding myself again. Whilst stumbling over unearthed roots and clutching at spindly, gnarled branches, I raised my chin and looked to the sky. The crescent moon smiled down at me, beaming with pride and the dancing stars sprinkled their kindness, gentle kisses in the sapphire darkness. Anorexic branches now appeared fruitful, overflowing with blossoms of hope and the callous debris softened and parted to become stepping stones inviting me into the unknown. 



Abandon your fear to the shore and greet the whale.

Only then will you be invited to ride the waves on his back.

Lessons from a mountain

Sapa, Vietnam 

Cheeks flushing,

Barefoot and agile as a cat;

This is where I learnt how to live.

Secrets at Sunset 

The magnificent sun silently sets and rises every day; an ordinary miracle, often missed. I feel blessed to be in such a beautiful part of the world, experiencing sunsets like this one, which is serving as a wake up call. How do I miss this beauty almost every day? What else tiptoes past me unnoticed? Descending into the horizon, the wise Sun whispers stories to me of more intricate secrets found in the mundane; the sweet melody of the first robin’s song, the delicacy of a decaying leaf, frost balancing on my windowpane and the calming padding of a kitten’s paws. We will notice natural beauty, but often, only if we care to. By taking the time to appreciate and reflect on its small wonders, we can feel a deep connection to the world and a craving to protect it. This is my Sunset’s story.  


Unicorns and spells…¬†

Sometimes, our souls crave the chance to wander free and to escape normality. Allow your mind to dream and to believe in the extraordinary; sprinkle that touch of magic over your reality, if only for a few minutes. It’s not madness; it’s necessary and healthy. 


Dare to live…

When that door opens for you, feel the breeze and take the step…  

           – Angelica Cosgrove 


Her tanned satchel taps her hip and he notices the fuchsia flowers dancing behind her on her delicate, silk scarf, teased by the playful, carefree breeze, as she lightly jogs towards the bus stop.

– Angelica Cosgrove

Love is peaceful, love is calm.

The fluttering, fragmented feelings began to settle in her chest as she gazed at the golden, gleaming moon through her open window. The cool night’s air stroked her soft skin and she thought of only him.

-Angelica Cosgrove



The shades of her spirit each sang their own sweet song and the depths of her being felt her connection to the universe. By embracing the shadows of her past she pushed through the locked gates and trod down the ghostly memories so they were like ash unto her mind. Pulled by the wistful notions of her heart, her feet tread, without expectation along the deserted paths. She knew not what was to come and delighted in the acceptance of any future. Feeling the vibrations of her thoughts coursing through her body, her chest filled with seeping emotions. Without contest, she drew her breath, embraced the familiar energy and allowed herself to revel in its miracle. She contemplated. Where within her soul did this energy arise from?

 РAngelica Cosgrove




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