I had my first child this year. A daughter called Autumn. She’s magical. She’s wonder, beauty, compassion and love all mixed together into a bundle of joy. Thinking back to before Autumn was with us, before she was thought of, I realise she was always there, she was always destined to join us. She waited for her moment and here she is, gazing up at me with innocence and intrigue, cradled by arms that cradled her before when growing inside me. My life has now changed. At first, I clung to the ship like any new mother. The first days, weeks, months sail quickly by, a tornado of angst and overwhelming love. I try to grasp onto fragments of my familiar life as they fly from the deck until one day, and that day is today, I notice the storm is clearing, the ship glides and I feel calm. A wave of serenity washes over me as I recognise that striving to be Super Mum will only serve as a fruitless journey. Our life, Autumn, will be far more fulfilling, filled with messy laundry piles and hours of cuddles. My love for you will be raw and unconditional. Our unique journey doesn’t have to be perfect because perfection has already been created in you.